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David Letterman quipped on his show this week that Sarah Palin cultivates an image as a “slutty flight attendant” and then joked that when Palin and her daughter visited Yankee Stadium and watched a baseball game, an awkward moment arose when Palin’s daughter was “knocked up” by Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez in the seventh inning.

Letterman isn’t always funny – in fact he hasn’t really been funny in years – but seldom has he stooped so low.

Sarah Palin is a lovely woman and millions of American women view her as a role model.  She is also an intelligent and accomplished woman, but her religious and political views have made her a favorite target of the left-wingers who dominate the American entertainment industry.  It’s no surprise that Letterman doesn’t like Governor Palin, but we may be forgiven for our surprise at the sliminess Letterman’s attack.  I’ve never heard Letterman link the word slutty to any other female politician, but maybe that’s because they just aren’t attractive enough to arouse him the way Palin does.

But the really disgusting moment, the moment when he really hit rock bottom, was the asinine joke about Governor Palin’s daughter getting impregnated by Alex Rodriguez.  Presumably Letterman and his overpaid writers assumed that Governor Palin was accompanied by her 18-year old daughter Bristol, who is an unwed mother.  At least that’s what he claims.  But the governor was actually accompanied by her 14-year old daughter Willow.  Consequently, Letterman was actually making a deroguatory sex joke about an underage girl.

In a lame attempt to get credit for an apology without actually making one, Letterman spoke about the incident during his monologue yesterday, making a variety of inane jokes that further illustrated his contempt for the entire Palin family.  He also said that he would “never ever” joke about a 14-year old girl being raped or otherwise engaging in any kind of sexual activity, but on the other hand, he did it in front of God and everybody.  And by the way, is it really so different to talk about an 18-year old in the same terms?

Personal note to Dave Letterman: Mr. Letterman, I’m no fan of yours.  You aren’t amusing and like I said before, you haven’t been in years.  So that you don’t think I have no sense of humor, I want you to know that I’m a big fan of your employee Craig Ferguson, who is funny in a way you have never been.  But you are just a huge jerk, a train wreck, and a laughingstock.  Most Americans aren’t laughing at your jokes any more, Dave Letterman.  They’re laughing at you.


Why do I cover Mike Huckabee’s appearances on late-night TV?  Because it matters.

Huckabee, in a funny striped tie, appeared on the Late Show with Dave Letterman tonight, after Letterman and Tom Hanks chattered for about four hours.

Huckabee and Letterman shoot the breeze

Huckabee claimed not to be nervous, saying that if he won in New Hampshire tomorrow, he would give Letterman the credit, and if he lost he would give Letterman the blame.

He also quipped that aside form a sense of duty and the desire to serve, presidential candidates are drawn to the job by the “really nice house” they’ll get to live in if they win.

Letterman and Huckabee discussed their experiences in local broadcasting, with each sharing humorous stories of on-air glitches.

Asked by Letterman whether there were significant ideological differences between Iowa and New Hampshire, Huckabee replied that “At the end, what I find is that everybody is an American.”  He went on to explain his theory of “Vertical Politics,” which states essentially that Americans will elect someone from the left or the right, as long as they believe that the candidate will lead America upward, not downward.

All in all, this appearance by Huckabee was a good one, if short, but because he was shunted to the end of the program when all but the most diehard fans and a few potheads are watching, Huckabee probably won’t receive much benefit from it.