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Mike HuckabeeAs Republican voters go to the polls in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont tomorrow, I hope they’ll remember  which candidate wanted to debate for them, and which one chose to serve barbecued ribs to reporters instead.

Mike Huckabee challenged John McCain to a debate before March 4, and the Values Voter coalition came through in the clutch, arranging for a debate hall and inviting both McCain and Huckabee, as well as Rep Ron Paul to participate in a March 3 debate event.

After Governor Huckabee had accepted the invitation, Senator McCain said that he had a prior commitment and begged off.  His prior commitment turned out to be a barbecue dinner for reporters, at which he apparently did nothing more than slop cole slaw and ribs onto the trays of impartial journalists.

It’s true what the Dallas Morning News published in an editorial on Sunday March 2: win or lose, a vote for Mike Huckabee is a good investment in the Republican party’s future.


The Dallas Morning News today recommended Mike Huckabee for the Republican nomination for president in 2008.

In an editorial that acknowledged the shortcomings of the Republican field in general, the DMN editorial board offered its endorsement to Mike Huckabee, describing him as decent, principled and empathetic…”an antidote ot the power-mad partisanship that has led U.S. politics to a dispiriting standstill.”

The editorial ends with this statement: “America needs a clean break from the bitter politics of the recent past.  From the right, Mike Huckabee, a progressive conservative with a pastor’s heart, can deliver.”

A statement from the candidate acknowledged the endorsement as “great news.”

Mike Huckabee, photo courtesy of