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Righty Loosey is written and edited by me.  I am a 36 year old married father of three, a born-again Christian, a conservative Republican, a middle-class guy who works two jobs, and a big sports fan.  In addition to Righty Loosey, I’m also the editor of the Fistic Mystic blog (, which is an outlet for my thoughts on my second favorite sport (boxing).  You can contact me or add me as a friend on facebook:


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  1. i’m a 55 yr old Catholic,married and mother of one.Navy guy.
    Voted Huck in our primary even after he conceeded and doing everything possible to convince McCain he needs to pick Mike as his VP.

    Gov Huckabee is outstanding.I researched him thorougly.every word,speech,rally,record.You name it.
    None better.Should have gotten the nomination,but deserves the VP spot!

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