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Kill ’em with kindness if you can…

Right or wrong, the public perception of the federal response to hurricane Katrina is that it was a disaster within a disaster.  People believe that FEMA and the Bush administration showed a remarkable degree of ineptitude in dealing with the aftermath of Katrina back in 2005.  That’s a major reason for the curttailing of the Republican National Convention this week in St Paul – to show that in a pinch, Republicans are all business – so to speak.

One idea that’s being floated by the Republicans is to get all the official business overwith on day one and to turn the rest of the convention into a gigantic telethon to raise money for disaster relief.  Here’s a proposal from Righty Loosey.

I’m dying to see Habitat for Humanity receive a large portion of funds raised in such an operation.  On the surface it’s a generous non-partisan gesture, and in political terms it represents a grand photo-op, with the Republican party or some unnamed representative thereof handing over a giant cardboard check for millions of dollars to Jimmy Carter in front of cameras and reporters.

Think about it, John McCain.  This is your party now (literally and figuratively), and you can make this happen if you choose.


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