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As the Democrats bite, scratch, and kick down the homestretch and it appears more and more likely that Barack Obama is going to be their nominee, it’s also becoming ever more obvious that John McCain needs Mike Huckabee to be his running mate.

Obama is a gifted campaigner and the Democrats are enthusiastic about their chances for the presidency this election cycle.  That enthusiasm has been translating into fundraising dollars at an impressive rate ever since campaigning began back in the spring of 2007.

Much has been made of the fact that while Obama and Clintn have been emptying their bank accounts to fund their primary campaigns, John McCain has been attending to behind-the-scenes business, raising funds for his general election campaign, and vetting possible VP candidates.  He’s been spending very little money since his rivals all petered out earlier this spring, but fundraising hasn’t exactly been gangbusters, either.

Whether it’s a result of ineptitude or a general lack of interest in the subject, McCain has never been an effective fundraiser.  In an election year when much of the electorate is going to embrace Obama’s issues, McCain will find that money is an even more important consideration in this election than most.  So how do the Republicans compensate for the old soldier’s fiscal deficiency?

The suggestion from Righty Loosey is to bring Mike Huckabee fully into the fold.  Huckabee brings with him a ready-made and highly committed grassroots movement (“Huck’s Army”) which already has experience with fundraising, volunteer telemarketing, and get-out-the-vote campaigns.  The infrastructure is already there and the experience is there.  The results are plain to see – just see how Huckabee overachieved at the polls during the primary campaign.  His financial resources were modest, but Huckabee was able to motivate his followers to make committed and effective efforts to boost the campaign – and it worked!  Huckabee won nine states outright and would have received an enormous boost by winning South Carolina as well, had Fred Thompson not been doing McCain’s dirty work by stealing votes from Huckabee in that state.

By linking himself to Huckabee, McCain can sign on thousands of committed and effective volunteers, a resource he’ll be glad to have once general campaigning begins in earnest in July.  It’s the smart move, and no less so for being such an obvious one.

Pick Mike Huckabee, Senator McCain.



  1. While I won’t attempt to argue with your reasons for thinking Huckabee is a good idea, I will tell you that should McCain select him as his vice presidential nominee, I will not vote for them. I already have enough problems with McCain (think McCain’s willingness to ignore the 1st Ammendment through McCain-Fiengold as an example) and refuse to accept someone who believes the Constitution needs to be altered to reflect “God’s Law.” On the other hand, I am prepared to vote for McCain provided he picks someone as his running mate whom I can accept. So Huckabee would result in the loss of my vote for McCain. I suspect I am not the only one who feels that way.

  2. Why pick former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (REP) to be the GOP vice-presidential nominee? I mean GOP presidential nominee, John McCain (REP) of Arizona, would easily carry Arkansas as well as much of the rest of the South, the GOP stronghold, when running against whoever the Democratic presidential nominee would be, whether it is Illinois Senator Barack Obama (DEM) or New York Senator Hillary Clinton (DEM), for the presidential election. Even though Governor Huckabee has more conservative credentials than McCain, the former Arkansas Governor just does not seem to have crossover appeal that the Arizona Senator would have. Doesn’t McCain need someone who could help broaden the geographical appeal of the GOP presidential ticket on the Electoral College map (I mean states that Republicans usually don’t do very well on for the presidential race) since the Democrats are strongly favored to win back the White House, in addition to their continually expected gain of seats in the House and Senate this year?

  3. I agree, Huckabee can “reel” in those Clinton – Reagan Democrats, although, had the colors been reversed, Clinton “Black” and Obama “White”, Clinton would had bowed out a lot sooner in the nomination process because the anger and vitirol would be as pronounced or as prolonged.

  4. HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you have to be smoking something. Huckabee would neutralize McCains liberal voting block and Huckabee’s contribution wouldn’t be enough to put McCain over the top. Besides Huckabee is a loon.

  5. No he doesnt.

    Huckabee is the only way I would not vote for McCain – and I am not happy he is the nominee in the first place.

  6. Huckabee and the Phillies go perfect together . . . . .

  7. I think choosing Mike Huckabee as his VP is not only the best choice (as of today) for John McCain, but also the ONLY viable choice which will enable McCain to understand that he can actively count on thousands and maybe even tends of thousands of committed conservatives who will not only passively supporting a McCain/Huckabee ticket but will work hard to make it happen.

  8. Let me start off by saying, the joke Huckabee made at the NRA convention despite what all over P.Ceed leftist would have you beleive what out right halarious and I about fell out of my chair laughing. NO it was not a joke about an assasination. It was a joke about Obamas Stance on Gun Rights and the second amendment. I am a Huckabee Voter all the way, Everyone I know is Huckabee supporters and I know quite a few Athiest that was voting Huckabee as well. That said. If Huckabee isnt the Veep pick by Mccain or I reffer to him “Old man McCane”

    I will probably be voting Libertarian. Bob Barr is drawing many Huckabee supporters who feel like they have been disinfranchised by the GOP, So be nice to Huckabee Bob Barr becuase lots of your supporters are coming from the Huckabee camp. That said I know of about two thirds of the people I know that where voting huckabee will be voting Barr if Huckabee is not the veep. I learned quite a bit about barr at I didnt know much about Barr or The Libertarian Party pick for vp Wayne Root until about a month ago. You can learn more about wayne root at My second pick to Huckabee was Ron Paul. Too bad he didnt run on the LP ticket. Im sure he would of done extremely well. Maybe even had a shot at the office of the president. To see how Ron Paul feels about Barr watch this video at
    Please be nice to Huckabee Libertarians. Theres alot of us thinking about making the switch.

  9. I believe that Huckabee is a great fit for McCain. Are those who are turned off by his unabashed socially conservative views really going to vote for McCain if he picks another conservative? Who do they suggest that he choose, Lieberman? On the other hand, I am but one socially conservative independent who also supports Huckabee because I perceive him to be a fiscal moderate. I believe that the selection of a hard line fiscal conservative would be a huge mistake for McCain, who needs to distance himself from Bush.

  10. Anyone who says they will only vote for Senator McCain if he picks your choice for vp, please think again! You have two choices, Obama and Senator McCain. If you do not vote McCain you are in essence, voting Obama. The vp should be McCain’s pick and whoever he thinks will help him win and that he can trust . A vp should be able to take over if something happens to the president and break a tie in the senate. I DO believe Huckabee is the best, really only logical choice! No one could ever say he is not vetted, since he had the same OTJ training as Bill Clinton only for 10 1/2 yrs! Huckabee is one of the best retail politicians out there with a bult-in organziation ready to help with a McCain/Huckabee ticket. He shares McCain’s idealogy and they genuinely LIKE each other. The Fair Tax is the single most thing to have a long-term positive effect on the economy and they should adopt this as part of their platform. McCain will need him to get the evangelicals/social conservatives to the polls as many are not happy with the pastor endorsement rejections and feel they are being pushed away. Adding Huckabee to the ticket will be McCain’s way of saying to the base of the party ” I hear you and want you to be part of this ticket!” That said, I agree with Mike Huckabee that “I will vote for Senator McCain and WHOEVER he picks. I want him to pick the person he believes will help him win! After all, isn’t that our only goal? Let’s all unite! We have Obama to fight,we should not fight amongst ourselves!!!

  11. I read an article written Dec 3, 2007 when neither McCain nor Huckabee was polling above single digits and no one thought either of them had a chance. That article, I feel was prophetic because the author stated that, even though neither was running first tier, he believed that McCain as president and Huckabee as his vice presidential running mate were the ONLY choices that could produce a win for the Republicans! That was true then, and it is true now. McCain/Huckabee was meant to be, I believe. These men complete each other like a left and a right glove that together make a perfect pair! They genuinely like each other and that can’t be faked. They have chemistry together that can’t be manufactured. This is our winning team!!

  12. MIKE HUCKABEE for Vice President.
    That’s the way it should be…

  13. The problem I have with a McCain Huckabee ticket is the Republicans would have two politicians leading the party who couldn’t pass a 9th grade science class. McCain doesn’t want to drill for oil in Alaska because “it sure is pretty there.” And he has succumbed to the liberal propaganda of a climate doomsday that only huge Government spending can cure when there are 31000 scientists who disagree. And Huckabee doesn’t believe in evolution. Sorry guys, this is the 21st century. People who willfully choose to substitute faith in religious mythology for science probably shouldn’t get too near the White House. Faith has a valuable place in our world but if you believe Jesus was the first man to walk on the earth then you are delusional.

  14. I would rather see Bobby Jindal, current LA governor to be the running mate for McCain. At 36, he has the ccomplishments you would expect at 47. Obama is nothing compared to this fellow – Bobby, if you have seen him talk and do the things he has done in the past 10 years already. His nomination would convince the rising generation that there’s hope for the young. Compare him to Obama, and you will mere see the stark contrast. Obama just speaks and has not done anything for anyone in the past couple of years in his political career. This bloke has been there, done that and accomplished a whole lot..Requires intellect, strong determination and conviction, and the underlying desire to **REALLY CHANGE** the way Washington works and not just by mere shallow words..

  15. You don’t like (God’s Law) i.e. 10 Commandments?
    Which one of the 10 Commandments do you want to remove?

  16. I suggest anyone who says they will not vote for McCain/Huckabee would never have voted McCain anyway. Huckabee has 10 1/2 yrs. of exec. exp. so you would have no reason to not vote Rep. because he is vp. What are your reasons? Bigotry? There are NO OTHER reasons. Who would make a better president, I ask you, Obama or Huckabee?? Huckabee has a PROVEN record of being a good governor in a democratic state for over a decade. Obama was an organizer. Who had the experience? If you would vote Obama over McCain/Huckabee you are a lefty anyway….

  17. Huckabee for VP is the best choice McCain could make.The folks here say they wouldn’t vote for McCain if he picked Mike.I know a LOT of Democrats who told me if McCain puts Huckabee on the ticket they would definitely vote McCain.
    You may find that hard to beleive but if you want proof i will be glad to provide.
    Everyone has the wrong idea about Gov Huckabee.He wasn’t vote in a Dem state twice for nothing and he was also rated one of the top 5 Gov by Time.
    I checked him out thorougly. A lot of the ideas ppl got about Mike were from ppl who were trying to smear Mike.
    Unfairly too.He’s an outstanding man.
    Ppl need to get past the crud they wrote about him and research for themselves.There is unbiased info out there if you look for it.
    Give him a chance!!!

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