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John McCain, if you’re listening, there’s something important that I want to share with you.  I’ve figured out how to beat the Democrats in the presidential election this year.

 I thought you would want to know about it.  Just give me a moment of your time, and I’ll share a plan that will sink either Hillary or Obama, whichever turns out to be the nominee.

This winning strategy can be distilled to one word: Expose.

Expose the Democrats for the elitist snobs that they are.  This shouldn’t be difficult to do.  All you need to do is shine a light on the truth.

Hillary has revealed her stripes many times.  From “Hillarycare” to “Universal Health Care,” she has shown herself to be an eager conductor of the Big Government Orchestra many times.  She tried to appropriate $1 million for a “Woodstock” museum to commemorate what you so aptly described as a great pharmaceutical event.  She thinks that higher taxes are a good thing because they will even things out between Americans.  (read: “redistribute wealth.”)  Hillary’s military-hating past is no secret, either.  Her scornful attitude toward the Secret Service and the military people who have served her over the years is well documented.  It’s an old story with Hillary, but it’s a useful one: She thinks she can run the lives of Americans better than we can run them ourselves, because she thinks we’re too stupid to get out of our own way, too simple-minded to be trusted to live without her supervision..

Where Obama is concerned, the same strategy may have been more difficult to employ…until his “Bitter” speech a couple of weeks ago.  Obama’s contempt for ordinary Americans was well disguised by his handlers and his prepared speeches until he was allowed to open his mouth and speak candidly to a sympathetic audience in San Francisco about what he thinks motivates American conservatism.  What a gift that speech was.  Now, Senator McCain, you have his own words to throw back in his face – and I recommend that you do so, with gusto!  If you should find yourself facing off with Obama in a debate, address him directly.  Repeat his words back to him, demand an explanation, and don’t accept any lame excuses.  Obama has received a lot of praise for his speechifying, but the truth is that without prepared remarks, he hems and haws more than any adult should.  His long and frequent pauses aren’t timed for dramatic effect; he’s just stalling.  If you force Obama to defend himself on the issue with persistence, he will stumble and stammer and hand you the election.  Beat the drum loudly and you’ll beat the bum soundly.

And there you have it.  To borrow a Reaganism, it isn’t an easy strategy, but it is a simple one.  And it’ll work on either Democrat candidate.  Expose them.


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