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If you’re a Republican running for President of the United States, you’re probably feeling pretty good right now.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are having a knock-down, drag-out fight for the Democrat nomination.  They’re lying about each other, calling each other names, and misrepresenting one another’s records and policies.

If you think back to this past fall and winter, you’ll recall that the Republicans were having it out too.  Some were more or less honorable, others duked it out.  One in particular engaged in some nasty negative campaigning.

But the Republicans got it out of their collective system in early March, and John McCain has benefitted from the break in hard campaigning.  He’s raising money and defining himself to America while Hill and ‘Bama are spending money and defining each other.

How much longer can this go on?  If Hillary wins Pennsylvania, look for Republican paradise to last into May.

And it’ll still be a good time to be John McCain for at least a little while longer.


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