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Bitter, hateful, poor, xenophobic, religious, homophobic Republicans

I’ve been watching and listening as people comment here and elsewhere about Barack Obama’s condescending comments on Middle America.  It’s been revealing.

I think that some of the folks who have posted comments here are showing that they’re as out of touch as Obama.

The problem with Obama’s comments is not that the truth hurts – it’s that his underlying assumptions are generally untrue. Obama, like most big-city liberals, assmes that the root cause of conservatism is bitterness and failure.

I’m here to tell you that people with strongly held conservative convictions usually aren’t just ignorant reactionaries.

Strange as it may seem to you, most of them actually worry about illegal immigration and standards of public conduct and morality because they see how critical these issues are to our society as a whole, and to members of our society individually. And they practice their religion(s) because they actually love and revere God, not because it’s a bad habit that’s hard to break, or because they’re hoping that the hereafter will be better than their crummy present lives.

Don’t buy into the Hollywood propoganda about middle America. Most conservative Americans are happy, fulfilled, and content in their own way.



  1. I respectfully disagree with you. I really don’t think it has anything to do with liberal or conservative. I believe it is, pardon my plagiarism, the economy stupid.

    I think when people have seen their economy fade and watched local jobs go overseas they become upset and resentful. That is to be expected. And when someone comes in talking about making tomorrow better they are a bit cynical – and that is fine.

    People can be happy and still be bitter about the state of the local economy and bitter towards a politician talking about change.

    I certainly don’t think it was a remark about middle America in general – just merely a point about how blue collar workers feel towards a certain politician.

  2. I think the root of Obama’s point is that he questions how middle class Americans could continue to vote against their economic interests in supporting conservative candidates. The GOP elitist policies of the country club set have failed middle class since Nixon. And the GOP has done a brilliant job of making guns, religion and immigration more signifitcant to those voters than their own personal financial interests.

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