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From Barack Obama:

“You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them…And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

There it is.  That’s the democrats’ view of middle America.  Obama made these remarks while speaking to wealthy donors in (appropriately enough) San Francisco.  Hillary Clinton, naturally, took the Clintonian approach to the situation: she distorted.  Hillary told supporters at a rally in Pennsylvania that Obama was talking about them, that he hates all small town people.  But that doesn’t square with what the Obominator said.

Take another look at his San Francisco remarks and you’ll see that Obama is slamming conservatives, giving the Hollywood Psychology version of what motivates American conservatism: people love guns and God and hate their fellow man because they’re frustrated and bitter about their own futile and miserable lives.

These remarks reflect Hillary’s view of the world, too.  But she’s dishonest and calculated enough to try to use the Obomination’s heartfelt words against him.

The real beneficiary of this episode will be John McCain.  He now has proof positive that the pervasive liberal contempt for ordinary American people is present in his likely opponent.  John McCain, you’re a retired fighter pilot.  You know what to do with an easy target.



  1. Where you see contempt, I see honesty.

    The only contempt here is to be found in misleading paraphrases and interpretations of his comments.

    This is coming from a guy who watches planes fly over every day. An actual small towner who recognizes the
    truth–even when it isn’t all that appealing.

    John Brown

  2. I just heard Karl Rove say that with these small town comments BHO just lost any chance he had of winning in PA. As one who grew up in small town PA, I think this will not sit well with those “typical small town folks”. It comes off condescending and elitist.

  3. John McCain will be the next president. Obama and Clinton continue to cut each others’ throats, bringing further division in the Democratic party with each passing day. About 32% of Clinton supporters say they will not vote for Obama if he is nominated. An equal number of Obama supporters say the same goes if Clinton is nominated. So, all the Republicans are going to vote for John McCain, and possible a third of Democrats. Or they just won’t vote; same difference. Republicans back McCain, including Huckabee and Nancy Reagen. I don’t see how Obama and Clinton can continue to maul each other until summer, and still team up on a dream ticket of Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama either one. (But hey, Reagen/Bush did it in 1980, so who knows?)

  4. Quote the entire statement, not just parts of it pinhead…This is getting a bit old.

  5. Greetings. I live in a place that is well beyond rural. It’s called “wilderness” by those who have lived here all their lives. I moved here to get away from the cities and have received quite an education. The economy ‘here’ went into the dumps when logging practices changed. Those who could leave, left. Leaving the area to those too old or to infirm and feeble to go anywhere else.

    Generations were caught between educations. Parents did not understand what kind of education their children required in order to compete and succeed as the ways of the World changed.

    It is ignorance that plagues this area. Ignorance of the importance and value of self development. Of having dreams and then pursuing them.

    They feel lost. They feel abandoned. They feel run over by a technological society without a heart. And most of all, they feel threatened by development of any kind, because they feel Society will reject them or judge them as “less then” or “unworthy”.

    If you desire to find those who have learned how to actually BE Accepting and Tolerating and Understanding and Compassionate, look in places where all the “rejects” of society gather together. Finding among each other what they haven’t found in our Society as a Whole.

    Some of us actually Value Integrity, like an Economy with some sense of economy in it. And Worth backed up by genuine inner substance of character, rather then rented appearances of it. Where the idea of Liberty carries with it responsibility and accountability for the costs and consequences of those free choices.

    Especially in regards to our beliefs and the resulting psychological costs of self esteem and self worth issues. In addition to blatant disregard for being self governing as it concerns individual peptide production inside each of our own heads.

    “Security” is an emotion. It is a psychological issue. And this state is caused by a lack in our emotional coping skills.

  6. OK. Well why is that sort of thing is a bit more prevalent in those communities than others? I’m talking clinging to religion, antipathy to people not like them etc. I do not have a problem with guns and can understand job loss hurting communities.

    Of course Obama pretty much did what he thinks country bumpkins do by saying it like he did.

  7. Obama , by his own admission, clings to religion too. How can anyone say that he is patronizing?

  8. I think Barack was truthful in his assessment. I live in “Middle America” in an area where the jobs have left and have yet to return.

    He isn’t saying this to insult them. He is saying this to recognize their issue. He believes that we are one nation and people in “Middle America” haven’t been helped when other places (e.g. Silicon Valley) have flourished.

    He wants to do something about the lack of jobs in “Middle America”. Remember, Illinois, the state he represents, is filled with towns like that.

  9. i think the Dems are in this to lose…

    They are trying SOOOOOO hard to lose that it is working!!

    Obama’s campaign is obsessed with race and Hillary, well Hillary – enough said. . . LOL!

    Iranian Ajax

  10. obama’s comments on this holds not truth..

    rural america has always clinged guns and religion…whether they had jobs and were working or not…

    he is just passing some blame on hillary(the clintons) is all…

    his comment is stupid…and was not well thought out…

  11. mcCain and hillary’s vote for the war was stupid and not well thought out.

  12. NO-bama 08.

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