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Two nights ago the North Dakota democrats had their state convention in Grand Forks, and received a very special treat.  Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton attended, and each gave a speech.

Obama was preceded by local loudmouth Ed “Screamin’ Eddie” Schultz, who in the course of his comments, called John McCain a “warmonger.”

Now Ed Schultz has always been a thoughtless, obnoxious, loudmouth, but this is too much to tolerate.  Few people in America know as much about war – firsthand – as John McCain.  Few people are as thoughtful and restrained in their criticisms of opponents as McCain.  When that crosseyed jackass Bill Cunningham spouted off at length about Barack Hussein Obama while warming up the crowd for a McCain rally in Cincinnati, McCain denounced his inflammatory language.  Obama has been asked to take the same step, and has refused to do so.

Barack Obama is a man whose honor is dwarfed by his pride and his ambition.

Barack Obama takes an important call


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