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This title of this article was written more carefully than you may have guessed.

I could have asked, “Is John McCain conservative?”  But to phrase the question in that way would have given it a different meaning; it would have inquired whether conservatism is one of McCain’s personal attributes.  I think that if the question had been posed that way, one would have to answer “no, John McCain is not by nature a conservative person.”  What I’m saying is that I think that McCain is a person with a generally progressive outlook on life and a radical view of a few issues who has adopted conservative positions on important issues because in most cases his principles supercede his personal proclivities.  I see McCain as something of a mirror image to Bill Clinton in this respect – Clinton of course being a political liberal with very old-fashioned (even backward) personal attitudes about womens’ rights, race relations, and political power.

John McCain

Getting back to the original topic of this article…I consider that by inserting a one-letter word (a) we can change the question from whether conservatism is one of McCain’s attributes to whether McCain is a member of the conservative movement in government, and the answer becomes a resounding “Yes.”  McCain is not only a member of the conservative movement, he’s been an effective and dependable leader.

McCain supports enough conservative causes (pro-life, traditional marriage, strong military, lower taxes, smaller government) that his credentials as “a conservative” are beyond doubt.  His legislative voting record is rated as highly conservative by political organizations at both ends of the spectrum, and his colleagues in the US Senate see him as a strong and consistent leader in the conservative movement.

In view of his history of public service and his credentials as a man of conservative principles, I announce my endorsement of John McCain today.  I’m going to vote for McCain in the general election in November, and I hope that you will, too.


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