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Huckabee addresses an enthusiastic crowd

The contest for the Republican presidential nomination continues to be competitive, the most recent evidence being the ARG poll that shows Huckabee has closed the gap between John McCain and himself by twenty points in the last week – he now trails McCain in Wisconsin by just 4 percentage points.

It seems clear that Huckabee is shooting for something bigger than VP – I think he’s setting the stage for his next run, in four or eight years.  I keep thinking of Reagan in ’76, when everyone said, “Too bad he’s too old to run again next time.”  Well Huckabee isn’t too old, so if he loses this time he’s almost sure to run again.  With the enthusiasm he has generated (and continues to generate) this cycle, he’ll have a lot of people wishing and hoping for an opportunity to vote for him again.  If Huckabee is willing to pay his dues like McCain did after his loss to Bush in ’00, I’m very confident that he’ll get the nod next time he runs.


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