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Mitt Romney today released a statement urging the New York Giants to withdraw from the Super Bowl so that the New England Patriots can be assured of an undefeated championship season.

 Willard Mitt Romney

The statement reads: “As most people know, the NFL Championship will be determined today by a contest between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.  While this championship game will include both teams, there can be no question that the Patriots are actually more deserving of the win.  Since everyone knows that the sporting thing for the Giants to do would be to drop out of this contest and allow the Patriots a guaranteed win, and everybody knows this is true and wants the Giants to drop out of the game, I am officially not taking a position today.  The Giants should do whatever makes them happy; they have a perfect right to stay in the game for as long as they want.  They can even try to win it.  I have no problem with the Giants playing in this game today in Arizona, and I have no opinion about whether they should forfeit, which everybody knows they should do, but I want them to do whatever makes them happiest.  As long as they know that they can’t win and they shouldn’t even be trying.”


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  1. Is there no end to his nonsense?

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