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According to Joy Lin of CBS News:

Joy Lin of CBS

On morning talk television yesterday, Mike Huckabee called Mitt Romney a “man who didn’t hit political puberty in the Conservative ranks until he was sixty years old.”

Asked to explain the comment today at a press conference, Huckabee described his opponent as a Johnny-come-lately to issues central to the Republican Party. Huckabee landed in the area after 4am and was up and dressed by 7:30 to deliver a speech at a rally. Despite having had only about two hours of sleep under his belt, Huckabee gave a detailed, blow-by-blow account of why Romney wasn’t fit to be the nominee.

“On the second amendment – [Romney] supported Brady, he supported an assault weapon ban and still does. So if he says to anybody he’s a second amendment supporter, anybody who’s a true second amendment supporter knows if you support Brady and assault weapon ban, you’re not a second amendment supporter.”

“Secondly,” Huckabee continued, in an aggressive attack that eclipsed the last time he went negative (Iowa), “He was very pro choice, supported strong positions for same sex relationships, said on television that he would do more for the gay/lesbian agenda than Ted Kennedy. That’s pretty bold. He said he was not a part of the Reagan Revolution, said he was not a part of that Reagan/Bush thing — that’s on camera, that’s not something I’m making up.”

“Said he marched with Martin Luther King but he didn’t, said he saw his father march with Martin Luther King but he didn’t. Claimed that he was in law school when his church reversed its doctrine on African Americans, turned out he had been out of law school for three years – on the issue of even taxes, he said he never raised taxes but he did raise fees by $700 million.”

Not letting up, Huckabee concluded, “I just think you can’t just have a change of opinion on fundamental issues over and over and wait until you’re running for President to do it. “To say that you’ve never thought about the origins of human life until you were nearly 60 years old — I find that hard to believe even for somebody who hasn’t run for office before, but certainly for somebody who had.”

It’s about time Huckabee put the whack on Willard Mitt Romney.  From Romney’s deceptive statements about Huckabee’s record as governor of Arkansas to his smirks and eye-rolls when Huckabee has the floor during their debates to the more recent calls by Romney’s campaign for Huckabee to give up, drop out, and get out of Mitt’s way…Romney’s been asking for this.


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