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At this time (late January 2008) the Republican field has been narrowed to five more or less serious and viable candidates for president.  Speculation is going to rev up soon regarding who should be considered for the position of vice president.  Here’s my list of those who won’t (first) and those who might (second) be chosen for the party’s Veep nomiation.

Keep in mind that a candidate’s appearance on this list says nothing about his viability in the ongoing race.

First, those who absolutely won’t be selected:

  1. John McCain – At age 72 he’s too old, he’s too proud, and he has more power and prestige as a senator than he’d ever have as the Vice President.
  2. Rudy Giuliani – Too liberal, too combative, too proud. Giuliani wouldn’t enhance the ticket as a #2 for anybody.
  3. Mitt Romney – I’m pretty sure the other Republicans all hate his guts, except for maybe Fred Thompson, who is out the door and and won’t be needing him.
  4. Ron Paul – too flakey and too high negatives, plus a past that includes some really weird newsletters published under his byline.


Secondly, here’s a list of good Veep candidates. This list isn’t meant to be comprehensive; these are just my favorites.

  1. Mike Huckabee – If he’s unsuccessful in his run for Prexy, Huckabee (who is only 52 years old and will most certainly run again) would benefit from 4-8 years as Veep. Throw in the fact that he’s an excellent debater and a genuine Southern conservative, and he makes an attractive #2 for any Yankee.
  2. Tommy Thompson – has national ambitions, was a successful and popular Republican governor in Wisconsin, and is a policy expert in a variety of areas.
  3. Tim Pawlenty – a young, handsome, popular, born-again, conservative Republican governor in the most liberal of midwestern states (Minnesota), Pawlenty is a gifted campaigner and has been noticed nationally for his success in balancing the Minnesota budget when it was badly in the red, as well as for being national co-chair of McCain’s campaign.
  4. Ed Schafer – currently being confirmed as the new Ag Sec, former North Dakota governor Schafer is an articulate and affable politician with a squeaky clean image and a gift for compromise.
  5. Lindsay Graham – This senator from South Carolina is a thoughtful, rational, soft-spoken conservative with excellent credentials. Graham is respected throughout the party, and is on good terms with both fiscal and social conservatives.

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