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There was a moment of passion and authority in last night’s debate when Mike Huckabee was answering a question about the Fair Tax and Tim Russert interrupted to criticize.  Huckabee smacked Russert back down into his chair and made his point.

All in all it was a solid performance by the Huckman, about what we’ve come to expect.  He made himself known with his wit, his humor, and his detailed responses – especially to McCain’s softball question on the Fair Tax.

The next week and a half is crunch time.  After hopefully taking 3rd place and 20% of the vote in Florida, the best guess here is that Huckabee’s team is hoping to lock up no fewer than five states on Super Tuesday, especially including Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  Even better would be if Huckabee could pick up a northern state or two, and the most likely candidates seem to be Minnesota or North Dakota.

What can a conservative Republican do to help Huckabee?  Right now the campaign’s greatest need is money.  Contributions made at will count toward today’s goal of $400,000.00, otherwise you can go to to make a contribution the old fashioned way.


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