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After a disappointing second-place finish in the open South Carolina primary on Saturday, one in which he garnered the most votes among Republicans and conservatives but lost to John McCain on the strength of McCain’s independent and crossover Democrat votes, Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign is very short on funds.

That’s why his supporters have set up a new fundraising website for Huckabee at

Huckabee’s fundraising has seemed schizophrenic at times, including a much-hyped and very disappointing “moneybomb” on December 27 which grossed only about $84,000 and spontaneous bomblets that brough in nearly $400,000 on January 15-16  and $155,000 on January 22.  The unofficial goal this time is a realistic-sounding total of $400,000.

Whatever money is raised will go to Huckabee’s efforts to make a strong showing in Florida and to stay on top in states where Huckabee is currently in or near first place, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas.

(left to right) Actress Jennifer Beal, Mike Huckabee, and Alveda King at Ebeneezer Baptist Church on MLK Jr Day


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