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Mike Huckabee, having finished a close 2nd in South Carolina, looks forward now to Florida’s primary on January 29 and to Super Tuesday, February 5.

After the Florida event, which Huckabee is not expected to win, Huckabee can expect to win a boatload of delegates on Super Tuesday.  Among others, the following states (all of which have strong conservative and evangelical presences) will vote on February 5: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Huckabee offered a positive message in his concession speech Saturday night, thanking McCain for running a positive and “civil” campaign, and saying “we [came] awful close” to winning and “I want to encourage you tonight…I want to remind you that politics…is not an event, it is a process, and the process is far, far from over.”  Huckabee also said that he felt that the South Carolina primary had been conducted in a way which had fostered Republican unity.

The campaign’s plans now are characteristically positive and forward-looking.  Huckabee says he plans to move forward with the message that has gotten him this far and the extraordinary team that has done all the work, and win on Super Tuesday.

A sampler of quotes from Huckabee’s concession speech:

  • “I’ve never lost an anything I’ve ever done.  Sometimes the game ends before I get finished playing.”
  • “The path to the White House is not ending here tonight…Tomorrow after a little bit of sleep, we wake up to fight the battle yet again.”
  • “The only thing tougher than running for office is being married to the guy who is running for office.”

Huckabee arrives at a fundraiser in Texas on Sunday


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