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Hillary Clinton ran virtually unopposed in the Michigan primary, and when push came to shove on Tuesday January 15, she only scraped by, getting 55% of the vote.  In second place was the always popular “Uncommitted” with 40%, followed by Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd (who has withdrawn from the race), and a fossilized Mike Gravel.

Hill, but where's Billy?

If this result seems to underscore just how unpopular the Democrat frontrunner for President is, consider how this situation came to be.

In jockeying to be one of the earliest-voting states this primary season, Michigan’s politicians pushed the envelope just a little too far.  In response, the national Democrat party sanctioned the state by taking away its national convention delegates.  Most of the candidates, consequently, withdrew their names from the ballot.  But for some reason, the Rodham-Clinton campaign chose to leave Hillary’s name on the ballot.

For fear that Hillary would get good press by winning Michigan in mathematically decisive fashion, her rivals encouraged their supporters to visit the polls and cast their votes for the before-mentioned “Uncommitted.”  And here we are.

As a Republican it’s probably best for me to refrain from further comment.  Goodness knows the Republicans are capable of producing a spectacle (the bad kind), so I’ll leave you with this unjudgemental observation: That’s politics.


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  1. What would have happened if “Uncommitted” won?

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