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Here are a few of Huckabee’s remarks from his victory speech, recorded by my fat fingers as quickly as I could type, while he spoke.  It obviously isn’t verbatim, but here are the remarks that struck me as most interesting and significant.

“You know, I wasn’t sure that I would ever be able to love a state as much as I love my home state of Arkansas, but tonight I love Iowa a lot.”

Over the past several months my family have had the…joy..of getting to know Iowa.  I appreciate friends and strangers allowing me to talk and sell myself.  Some of them even voted for me tonight!

Tender thanks to wife Janet, a wonderful first lady in AR and will be wonderful in DC too.

Also thanks to my kids, come up and be a part of this moment.  All so much involved.  John Mark, David and family, daughter Sarah.  Sarah lived in Iowa so long…probably should have an Iowa drivers’ license and should be paying high Iowa taxes.

I’m amazed, encouraged..this signifies a new day in American politics.  New day needed in politics & govt, starts here in Iowa but doesn’t end here.  On to the White House!

We’ve learned three things:

  1. “people are more important than the purse”  pundits didn’t believe he could win without tons of cash, but the people proved that American politics still works.  Politics isn’t about money, it’s about hope.
  2. Iowans are choosing change, not just for the sake of change, but because they embrace the challenge of making/keeping America great.  The “greatest generation” is yet to come.
  3. This election isn’t about “me,” it’s about “we.”  My name is on the signs, I get the attention, but it’s about “we the people” and hope will catch on like a prairie fire.  President isn’t a member of the ruling class; he’s a part of the serving class.  G.K. Chesterton: “a soldier fights not because he hates those in front of him, but because he loves those who are behind him.”  All is a continuation & result of history, including Declaration of Independence and the historical events that have shaped America so far.

Thanks to all the workers, paid & volunteers.  Now on to New Hampshire & the rest of the country, but now forever I will always remember that it started here in Iowa.

Thank you.


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