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Mike Huckabee’s opponents have completely given up trying to beat him with ideas, accomplishments, and resumes.  Now they’re resorting to distortions and lies – in particular, Mitt Romney has been caught with his fingers crossed on numerous occasions, especially by Newsweek.

Mike Huckabee

Don’t drink the poison, folks.  Mike Huckabee took office in Arkansas when the previous governor resigned due to scandal, but he was re-elected twice.  He balanced the budget every year he was in office, and he reduced taxes far more often than he raised them.  When Huckabee left office the state had a surplsu of over $800 million, which Huck wanted to return to the people via tax cuts.  It’s unfortunate that term limits forced him from office before he could accomplish that tax cut – which he undoubtedly would have done, despite the majority-Democrat legislature he had to deal with for ten and a half years as governor.

Huckabee is a strong social conservative who governed with the attitude that a governor must do more than posture and make speeches; he has to govern.  That’s the attitude made him one of the five best governors in America (Time Magazine, 2005), and it’ll make him a great president, too.


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