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Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign has been surging since October, and the numbers are looking good – he’s in polling in first place in a bunch of states, including Texas, which was announced today.  He’s also running well nationally; according to Rasmussen Reports he’s been in first place nationwide for a couple of weeks now.

There’s one number, however, that hasn’t been looking so good, and that’s the figure in the campaign’s bank account.  In the first three quarters of 2007 Huckabee’s campaign took in less than $2.5 million in donations.  October and November Huckabee began to surge, and another $3 million came in.  Through the first fifteen days of December the campaign received another $1 million.

That’s a grand total of roughly $6.5 million, a lot of money to a pipefitter or a wallpaper hanger, but when you’re running for president it doesn’t go very far.  That’s why Huckabee’s supporters are taking a cue from the Ron Paul campaign, and planning a “moneybomb.”

A moneybomb, in case you haven’t heard the expression, is a planned happening.  Some of the supporters of a particular candidate defer their gifts for a while, others muster something extra, everybody gives on the same day, and voila!  You’ve got a moneybomb!

It’s certainly been working out for congressman Paul.  His coffers filled with over $4 million in one day in November, and another $6 million on December 16.  And it isn’t just the financial benefits that are attractive – it doesn’t hurt to have CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks all crowing about your big day.  That’s great publicity, and the best kind of publicity, because it’s more than free, if you know what I mean.

So here’s the payoff, as far as this article is concerned.

Huckabee’s supporters, who call themselves Huck’s Army, are planning a moneybomb of their own for December 27.  Their goal is more modest at $1 million, but the idea is the same: tons of very useful money with the bonus of publicity that money can’t buy.

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  1. They already tried it on nov 20.
    they raised $230k.
    The Paulenteers were having a lackluster funds day, raising less than $10k by 2pm when they noticed what the hucksters were up to. Last minute emails went out and though virtually starting at 2pm, they embarrassed the huklbeas by overtaking them in just 4 hours, finishing the day 20k higher at $250k. See it Graphed at:

  2. where did my documented comment go.
    It figures…
    Your as bad as the huckster’s animal torturing spawn…

  3. Rick, don’t be paranoid. Comments can’t appear until they’re approved, and they can’t be approved until the editor knows you’ve submitted.

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