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Okay, I can see resorting to desperate measures when you’ve invested something like $60 million in a political campaign that’s crashing and burning, but this is over the top!

“In an interview here Friday, presidential candidate Mitt Romney sought to paint Mike Huckabee — his main rival in Iowa — as a political insider who lacks the sort of private sector experience to be an effective president.

‘There is a big difference between us in terms of our life experience,’ said Romney of Huckabee. ‘I spent my life in the private sector and then running the Olympics, he spent his life in government. So we have a lifelong politician versus somebody who has been in the business world for most of his career.’

Rather than point out that Huckabee has worked since he was a teenager, put himself through college (graduated magnua cum laude while getting his bachelor’s in 2 1/2 years!) and was a pastor for fifteen years before entering politics, I’ll let Huckabee answer for himself:

“[Snobbery] is one of the reasons I am going to be president, because there are a whole lot more people who have lived like me than who have lived in the elitist world in which some of these critics have lived their lives. For many of us ‘summer’ has never been a verb. We have lived very differently.  We have made the beds, cleaned the windows, and mowed the lawn for the people who maybe look down their noses at us. But we worked our way out of those positions, got college degrees. And now people like me are running for president. And guess what? There are a lot of people in America that would like a guy like me to become president, because I know where I come from. “

For the full text of Romney’s comments, see:

For the full text and context of Huckabee’s comments, see:


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